The New Sidepiece Wave

Why is it okay to be side piece, and to have one as well?

Either you’re sister wife ‘in it or you’re okay with the fact that you are number two, three or whomever on your beau’s list, and that’s just the way the world is operating right now. Being a side piece or having a side chick or man has become the new norm; it’s almost humorous to your man or womanhood to be in a monogamous relationship. Instead polygamous relationships are glorified and being number two is being placed on a pedestal. I don’t get it, boggles my mind really. I figure one thing, if you’re single you’re sleeping with someone. In case you haven’t lost your virginity or chasing the nunnery, you out there fucking. However, to be out there fucking with multiple people or an extra person while you are in a relationship, is so disrespectful.

If your man wants to play the field, then at that point he isn’t your man anymore. Oh yes, here come the counter arguments, especially about polygamy. Listen Linda, I know back in the older days it was looked at to continuously reproduce. Women must carry for nine months to produce one child as to where a man can spread his seed in multiple women and produce ten children in nine months. He also had to be able to financially take care of all his bastards or offspring as well so, Linda, in this overpopulated world, what is the point other than a man getting his dick wet by two women with children probably from other men?

With my personal experience men are hesitating to take care of someone else’s children so I always wondered how you can be in a polygamous relationship (as you all should be in one household) and take care of all those people. In this economy most men do not have the wallet girth to be able to provide that sustainability so it’s only benefiting the men whom get to have options. I’d be all for it if I could have two husbands but apparently that’s not the way it works.

I digress on polygamy as that isn’t what this piece is about but back to these side bitches huh? I mean I get it, if your single and your sleeping with someone whom you aren’t in a relationship with your already sharing his penis anyway because I doubt he is only giving to just you, sis, so might as well sister wife it up, right? WRONG. I guess what you don’t know won’t hurt you but there’s no need to willingly put yourself second to someone and be not deserving of having a whole man to yourself.  Now if you’re with that life I applaud you but don’t come running your ass over here with your bestie sister when he decides to cheat on both of ya’ll boring bitches. You’re basically giving him the okay to sleep with multiple people, he never said it was going to always be just you two.

Take it how you want and get it how you live but always hold yourself in the highest regard. If you like it, I love it.




Bad Boy: What you gonna do when he cheats on you?

Over the past six months, my boyfriend has cheated on me. I have forgiven him every time. How do I get him to stop cheating?

Okay, so you’re one of those girls who’s dumb enough to stay in a relationship where you are constantly being disrespected. Fine…but just know, you deserve all of it, you dumb bitch. Sorry, I’m sorry, that was a bit harsh, but I tell you these things because I don’t want you to be a dumb bitch.

If you think just because he comes to lay his head at your home at the end of the day that it is an excuse to allow him to do what he does, then you are dealing with low self esteem and some real insecurity issues. Men are comfortable anywhere that has food, warmth, tv and some type of alcoholic damn beverage (if you are messing with a nigga though, the weed has got to be there, too). So, if they have these things they can practically fall asleep anywhere.

You don’t get a man to stop cheating. Hell, you shouldn’t have to. What type of shit is that? I can’t get a fat bitch to stop eating so how in the fuck am I supposed to get my man to stop cheating? Don’t make no sense. If he cheats, he’s going to continue to cheat; especially since you continue to allow it.

Forgiving is beautiful and all but there comes a time where you start to just look stupid. Once is enough for me, personally. I have absolutely no problem moving on to somebody else, but if you do allow that one free pass, that should be it, no more given. If the cheating is continual you might as well accept the fact that you are the main side chick and be happy sharing dick with another bitch you’re basically sister wives with.

IF you are going to stay with a man to show them haters that “ya’ll love is real” then by all means do you booboo. Just know people are disappointed everywhere, even that nigga over there. Love is something that is played with far too much and most of the time in these so called loving relationships they are really driven by lust and jealousy, with a need to not let go. Complacency falls over both and wanting to not give up what has made you comfortable leads to unhappiness and sneakiness.

He loves you but he’s unhappy or he’s unfulfilled. Well, spice it up girl, get you some lingerie, a sex toy or two if you’re into that kind of stuff and show out for your man. But, he must be receptive to it. If he isn’t, chances are anything you do will not be enough and you should probably just move on before you become very depressed.

It can happen to anyone, but it’s all about making your next move your best move. Don’t stay in an unfaithful relationship with someone who will never appreciate you.

Once a Cheater

Don’t ever feel guilty if your man cheats on you. It isn’t your fault and you did absolutely nothing wrong. Men love to point out all the things that you didn’t do but don’t like to admit their own faults. And if they do admit their own faults, their faults are your faults. “Well, you made me cheat.” “You weren’t talking to me or giving me any, so I didn’t know what to do.” Um, how about talking to me and figuring out the fucking problem as to why I have an issue in the first place.

Cheating is something that can be inevitable. I mean, let’s be realistic; there’s 7 billion people on the planet, there’s no way you can be attracted to just one person, right? You’re correct, however cheating is a choice, not an attraction. Now okay, if I was in a committed relationship and Idris Elba just showed up on my bed with roses, wine and his dick out-it’s going down. But, celebrities are another story; the likelihood of that beautiful fantasy of mine coming true is about as likely of me finding this fuckin unicorn I’ve been searching for.

Cheating is a choice, you don’t accidentally fall in some vagina (or on a penis), you decide that you are going to go outside your relationship and sleep with someone else. If a man tells you it was an accident, he’s full of shit and just wants to manipulate you. Stepping on your fucking shoe string and falling to the ground is an accident, not falling into some pussy.

If he tries to guilt you into thinking that you didn’t do enough, trust me honey, you did. You are only human, but if you gave it your all and remained committed (despite your mood swings and unstable emotional state) this is no fault of your own. He is a selfish prick who only cares about satisfying his own needs.

Love is kind it does not boast. Amazing how you can say I love you to a person and still treat them like shit. What’s the point of the phrase anyway? That’s all it is when you violate someone, a phrase; it is then, that it has lost its meaning. IF he loved you, it wouldn’t matter if the biggest bootied bitch in the club was bouncing on his lap, he’d control himself. Mind over matter. You control your mind, which in turn controls your body and impulses, so don’t tell me you couldn’t have fucking kept your hands to yourself.

Don’t ever feel guilty or like you did something wrong if you have been cheated on. What you need to do (insert neck roll) is boss up, get over him, and find you a new one to get under!

Treat people how they treat you

Not be a Debbie Downer but, we live in a cold world where it’s only right for you to give a fuck about yourself. It’s really the only way to live right now. Social media brings false realities where people feel as though people genuinely care about you because you get an abundance of “likes.” Well, nobody gives a fuck about you, sorry to break it to you. I am not a feminist, but I support women in a unique way. I support us in the way that when it comes to these men and people in general, you must treat people how they treat you.

Let’s get on the men and women aspect. Dating is a joke, I’m just going to put it out there. Yes, there are some good guys out there but let’s face it, more than likely they are already in a relationship treating some other girl the way you want to be treated. So, you are then left with these ain’t shit men, claiming not to be ain’t shit. So, you try and date, you follow all the rules and put yourself out there. Only to then find yourself awaiting a phone call that will never come. You think to yourself…maybe I talked to much on the date. Or maybe I should’ve given it up the first night to bag em…Can’t think of what went wrong so then you call, because you’re a grown woman and you are NOT going to play these games right?! Right. No answer. Okay, okay, how about a text. “Hey, what you up to?” No response. Well damn, fuck you too then.

Day’s go by, your messages have a notification. It’s dude. “Hey.” You look at the phone like, “No the fuck this man didn’t.” Did you not hear me when I said days have went by? I could’ve been in a whole relationship by now. You sit and contemplate if you want to respond to this bullshit or if you even want to respond. This is where my logic comes in. Treat people how they treat you. If he hasn’t hit you in days, you don’t text his ass back for days. If we playing games, I’m going to make sure I win. Now, don’t get me wrong I am not one to stoop to someone’s level, however I will beat you at your own game, so you can see how it feels to get the short end of the stick. Now if you are like some women I know, you can’t help your fuckin self, and you are going to text back almost immediately because you feel if you don’t, he will never hit you up again. I’m here to tell you he will. Women you must understand that the power rest in between your legs, no matter what they try and tell you. Trust in that and you’ll never go wrong.

So, you text back, twenty minutes later because you know, you busy. (Busy watching Netflix and eating in a shirt from a day ago) But you busy so you figure that was a long enough time to make him wait. “Hey STRANGER, how are you?” Yes, this man is a stranger, it’s been days; you were almost erased from the memory. “I’m good. You?” You look at the phone again like, “No this man didn’t!” Don’t fuckin text me with this one liner-give me some damn depth, talk about politics, feeding the homeless, something!  Treat people how they treat you. At this point you send back, “I’m good.” STOP right there! IF we sending one liners then we sending fucking one liners. That’s all you need to send, I promise you if you leave the conversation hanging, he will respond. Don’t feed in to the bullshit, at this point a question of when am I going to see you again should have already risen, so if it hasn’t then he isn’t that interested. What he is interested in is seeing if he can still get into your drawers without having to spend anymore money on you.

I could go on forever about this topic because I know men better than I know women, oddly enough. This is just an introduction to my logic, and if you follow it you’ll have these men questioning if you know something they don’t.

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